Archangel Michael, Defender of the Children of God

Angels and Archangels 

The word angel comes from the Latin angelus which means messenger. The angels are to God what the rays are to the sun. They are messengers of light who intensify the virtues of faith, hope and love, cosmic honor, integrity, courage, truth, peace, joy. The angels also perform multiple tasks regarding the sons and daughters of God on earth: there are personal guardian angels, angels of healing, wisdom, love angels, those of compassion, those of practical life. There are also angels who oversee the cycles of birth and death, Christmas angels, angel archivists assigned to each soul to register all their actions, words and feelings.

They are always present in the history of mankind and they have their place in all major world religions. If we want the company of angels in our lives, we must make room for them. Angels obey our commands provided that these are in accordance with the will of God and His perfect plan. 

The archangels 

These are the hierarchs of the angelic militias, the highest rank in the orders of angels. Each of the seven rays is presided over by an archangel who incarnates along with his divine complement, an archeai, the consciousness of God on a particular ray and supervises groups of angels who serve under their command. 

The First ray  (or blue ray)

Archangel Michael and his twin soul, Archeai Faith, are under the blue ray of protection against danger, freedom from fear and the strengthening of faith. Archangel Michael and his angels of protection will come more readily to your rescue if you invoke them every day. 

Saint Michael the Archangel is charged by the Supreme God with the defense and protection of his children on earth. We can get his immediate protection in all circumstances by a simple mantra: 

“Lord Michael, before, Lord Michael, behind,

Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,

Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,

Lord Michael, Lord Michael everywhere I go!

I AM his Love protecting here!

I AM his Love protecting here!

I AM his Love protecting here!” (3X)

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