For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel. 1Corinthians 9: 16

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Vol. 33 No. 49 - Beloved Jesus Christ - December 16, 1990

Become Agents of the Cosmic Christ!
I, Jesus, Have Called You
The Perfecting of the Soul as My Apostle
The Lord’s Christmas Day Address 1990
Please Feed My Sheep

Yes, beloved, I come to you now as you see me in the posture of my Buddhahood. <15> –that you might see about me and in me those rings of Light and that presence which you think of when you think of Lord Gautama. I reveal myself to you, then, in the Buddhic presence that you might hold that image of me, for those of the Christian world will not. And therefore there must be some who understand the meaning of my Buddhahood. There must be some who aspire to be Bodhisattvas that they might be linked to the layers of my Causal Body that are my Buddha manifestation…

Yes, I said “become.” For the process of becoming is the realization in outer manifestation of that which is, was and ever shall be your true [inner] God-manifestation. Therefore I have unveiled many levels of my Christhood and [my] Buddhahood and my Godhood along life’s way, and this is the nature of the grand evolutionary spiral of life throughout a cosmos…

<15> Jesus’ Buddhahood. At the conclusion of his New Year’s Eve Address, December 31, 1989, Gautama Buddha announced: “Blessed ones, may I present to you as I take my leave of you the Lord Buddha Jesus Christ, the Lord Buddha Kuthumi, who stand before you fully arrayed in their Buddhahood and [fully capable of] taking you on the long, long yet very short journey to your own Buddhahood” (p. 26, this volume). The Messenger writes in her Introduction to the 1984 Pearls of Wisdom: “Christic initiation is a prerequisite to Buddhic initiation. And Jesus is our Saviour who, with Kuthumi, has saved our souls so that we may enter the highest path, following their example all the way to the gate of the City of Light. But look again, for these beloved World Teachers have also attained to their Buddhahood and thus they are fully empowered to take us all the way to the throne of Shamballa, East and West”

(1984 PoW, Book I, Introduction I, p. 40). See also pp. 253, 355, this volume.

(Emphasis on words throughout the text is mine)

Please note: the quote by Mother was written in 1984. Lord Jesus was already a Buddha.

In a preceding essay, we had demonstrated through teachings by the Messengers and Bible verses that Lord Jesus and Lord Gautama had a similar path and mission, at: 

Some comments here:

To make a statement, be it in Church, in a classroom, a Corporate meeting hall or any other such venue, a speaker places himself/herself in the glare of public attention. When challenged or contradicted, the speaker may experience a degree of emotional unrest that will not be later so easily soothed by the Sun Disc or the Count-to-Nine. I know from experience.

It is not easy for us either when we happen to be the challenger. We may agonize and pray over the decision to speak up or remain silent for we may not wish to contradict people whom we love and hold in high respect. We wish them to be right in everything they say and do. Anyway, the truth (or what we honestly perceive to be so) must be spoken for its own sake. 

In a cyber-venue such as this message board, words may come out cold or harsh, for we are deprived of voice tone, facial expression and body posture. All of us here and in the Summit however, form one spiritual community, a Community of hearts, fed and nurtured from the magnanimous heart of Lanello and Guru Ma, and overshadowed by the Loving, Compassionate Heart of Lord Gautama and Lord Jesus. So,  challenge and contradiction, no matter who is right in the end, should not be a burden on anyone, but a pointer in the right direction.

Interestingly, on the Ruby Ray Cross, Lord Jesus is the Son, the Man, the Wayshower and his center of influence is the throat chakra. Now we know he is also a Buddha.

Love Always,

Irlene :-)

For added meditation:

Vol. 29 No. 67 - Beloved Jesus Christ - November 27, 1986

Freedom 1986
“Lightbearers of the World, Unite!”
“I AM the New Jerusalem, You Are the New Jerusalem!”

You see me as the figure of Christ. See me in the mystical sense of the causal body that expands infinitely as the sphere of Light. See me, then, as containing, manifesting the Holy City. See the Holy City as a part of myself. Then come to understand that your causal body is also the habitation of the Most High God. And when the I AM THAT I AM is truly where this heart [your heart] in manifestation is, you will see all around you the physical precipitation of the City Foursquare.

See the likeness of that city in the etheric retreat of the Divine Mother over the Royal Teton Ranch. See it, then, as an etheric city waiting to be lowered into manifestation in your life. See it as every whit the potential, you see, of
Buddhahood and Christhood.

(January 14, 2016)