Notable Heads of State


President Jean-Pierre Boyer (1776-850)

Emperor Faustin-Elie Soulouque (1782-1867)

President Guillaume Fabre Nicolas Geffrard (1806-1878)

President Louis Etienne Félicité Lysius Salomon (1815-1880)


 President Léon-Dumarsais Estimé (1900-1953)

With his wife at a ceremony 



 Remarkable Ladies

  Beauty, Elegance, Charity-in-action, Piety, Devotion to Mate


Portrait of Marie-Claire Heureuse Félicité Bonheur Dessalines (1758-1858) Empress consort of Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Marie-Madeleine (Joute) Lachenais (1778-1843) wife of President Petion, and then, of President Boyer.


Assumed portrait of Marie-Louise Coidavid Christophe(17778-1851) Queen consort of Henri Christophe

Elizabeth Adélina Lévèque Soulouque, (1795-1867) Empress consort of Faustin Soulouque. 

Lucienne Heurtelou-Estimé (1913-2006) wife of President Estimé

The Magloires and Eisenhowers in Port-au-Prince in 1955 

Yolette Leconte-Magloire (1918-1981) wife of President Paul Eugène Magloire

Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, born in 1943, Chief Justice who for 11 months in 1990 became Provisional President. First woman President.

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