Painters, Metal Artists


 Assembled by Bob Corbett

This initial list of 800 people is really the tip of the iceberg. These 800 are artists whose work has appeared in printed and published books and magazine articles on Haitian art (as opposed to just being found on-line). Even here, these are the artists I've found in cataloguing some 5300 such published photos of Haitian art. The project is on-going and when I eventually finish just those published sources for the 20th century (from 1944 to 2000) I'm sure the number of art works will rise to close to 10,000 and the artist list to more than 1200.

Younger and less well known artists are often represented and offered for sale on-line, and I do hope to begin to incorporate them into this list as well

 Movie and Film Makers

 Entertainers, Music Makers

 High-ranking Catholic Clergymen


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