Ruminations: What Makes a Religion Great

Human History is made up of unnumbered concepts that have inspired and galvanized people at one time or another, for shorter or longer periods, at the local or universal level. A village, a town, a nation might have been taken up by an idea that might have spilled over its original boundaries to catch the heart of people everywhere. Scientific, philosophic, artistic and literary, social, political trends have thus been created and in the movement of all earthly evolution, do they rise and fall.

Spiritual concepts which form the basis of all religions may be viewed similarly. It is said that there actually are more than four-hundred established religions, but only a few have made it to the mainstream. The Summit Lighthouse lists seven great religions, namely: 1-Judaism 2- Christianity 3- Islam 4- Hinduism 5- Buddhism 6-Taoism and 7- Zoroastrianism(1)

What causes a religion to be called great? The cause is the same for every movement, lay or religious: It is that people find their salvation in the new concept that is regarded as a daring, i.e. a bold move, or some impressive deeds such as miracles.

For ex., the Great American Revolution brought the idea of individual freedom after which still aspire so many nations held in constraint by their rulers… It is said that the Japanese, a people already given to discipline and hard work, in the span of twenty years, rose from a rural nation to a world-class economy, centering around the person of the Emperor whom they considered a sacred figure…(2)

In the spiritual/religious domain, usually one revolutionary will present a great idea, a more advanced concept, a fuller aspect, or a new way of, approaching the Deity, and when people feel their God walking with them, it makes for mass conversion. The foremost attraction however, is the working of miracles. Ah! Do we love miracles! Miracles are impressive whether they be outer phenomena that takes the believer up into a higher state of gratitude and faith or the healing of the person: body, mind and/or soul, for the goal of every spiritual, religious movement is healing.

The Old Testament is crammed with miracles. For ex., Moses opens up a passageway the size of a four-lane highway across the bed of the Red Sea for the Israelites to rush through as they are being pursued by Pharaoh’s army; Joshua holds back the sun and the moon; the Prophet Elisha multiplies the flour and oil for the poor widow, and also brings back to life the dead child of the Shunamite...(3)

In Christianity, the very mission of Beloved Lord Jesus runs through miracles of all kinds which appeal to the suffering multitudes while his Zen parables and higher teachings are caught into the deeper hearts of the more spiritually advanced. Following him his disciples, and down through the centuries, holy men and women – the Saints - work miracles. And what of the Blessed Virgin? She has been appearing for more than two millennia working miracles all over the planet. That is impressive!

Even Martin Luther (1483-1586) was impressive. A bug he was, compared to the Pope, the imperialist head of the Catholic Church who, at the time ruled over Princes, Kings and Emperors. Yet, he challenged Pope Leo X. Though in his fallen consciousness, Luther “took the Masters out of the Church,” to quote Guru Ma, those who secretly thought in their hearts as he did, found in him their leader in the Protestant Reformation.

True Islam is on fire by every Moslem’s supreme desire: to be a Hadji, a pilgrim to Mecca who touches the wall of the Kaaba, the altar purported to have been built by Father Abraham when he was ordered by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. When Prophet Mohammad – Blessed be his name! – desired to go and worship there, the territory was controlled by his tribe’s arch-enemies, the Quraysh. In a humble letter to them, he vowed that every one of his followers would put away their weapons. They could have been all slaughtered, but they returned safely. Impressive!

Prince Siddhartha having left his palace to preach the new Dharma, and beg for food on the roads, must have been the number one news item in India at the time. The feats he accomplished subsequently were no less impressive.

During Hindu festivals, some adepts demonstrate the dubious miracle of hanging themselves on large hooks run through their backs without pain and bleeding; Taoist philosophy and religion have kept the Chinese happy since its inception in the 4th century B.C. And though little is known of Beloved Zarathusthra, in the 6th century B.C. he sure set the Iranians’ hearts and minds ablaze with the fire of Ahura Mazda.

We, of the Summit Lighthouse, are a great religion. See: We are the Church of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. Of course, there are millions of churches dedicated to the Christ and as many temples to the Buddha, but we are the ones with the highest understanding of who these Beloved Masters are. So, we are seated between the Word, the Logos who created the universe, “the foremost sponsoring Ascended Master of all who walk the Christic and Buddhic paths,”(4) the Saviour of the whole world that Lord Jesus is, AND Lord Gautama, Lord of the World, and surrounded by the Ascended Masters. We are awesome! Impressive! But who knows it but the ‘white-fire core’ of our small group of long-time members and the new enlightened ones who trickle in to stay!

On February 26, 1988, however, Beloved Lanello said:

"Sanat Kumara came with a great dispensation of light from the Great Central Sun to dedicate the Royal Teton Ranch to the healing light and a world healing center. He prophesied a city of light and the building of the Good Samaritan Hospital where all could access the healing waters. Sanat Kumara explained that when a center is reestablished and the sacred fire tended in the center of the center, people will come from all over the world as pilgrims go today to Lourdes and Fatima. He proclaimed that the prophecy will be fulfilled that many more pilgrims will come to this place than have ever gone to any other."

And we read on the Summit website:

"Elizabeth Clare Prophet explained in 1988 the meaning of the transfer of energy from Fátima. It is the energy of healing, of the prophecy of Mother Mary in Fátima as well of the etheric retreat that is over the area of Fátima. She explained Mother Mary's great vision is to see the Inner Retreat as a place flowing with the healing waters, even the waters that flow over the earth from the Yellowstone. "

"The Messenger commented in 1992 about the geothermal well on the property explaining that the mineral contents of the water makes it a powerful healing source. She says that if Mother Mary so chooses, the healing potential of the waters as a chalice of light and healing, could greatly unburden the people of light."

Laurie Beth Jones in her national bestseller, Jesus CEO, Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership suggests that we can adapt the Master's spiritual plan and actions to our own successful marketing. All the book chapters bear interesting titles such as : "He said I AM; His I Am Statements Are What He Became; He kept in Constant Contact with His Boss; He Saw Love in Control of the Plan; He Formed a Team; He Worked Through His Fears; He Took Action; He was Bold." About Jesus' relationship with aides and helpers: "He Trained His Replacements; He Was Open to People and Their Ideas; He Believed in Them; He Knew That Nobody Wins Until We All Do..."(5)

President Valerie, Spiritual Director David Drye and the administration of the Church already have the strategy in place for the increase in membership, because that which we have not caught
yet is the remnant of us and the multitudes who need to be healed and raised in body, mind and soul. And how do we become fishers of men? Tying the temporal plan and activities with the spiritual, here we come with Mommy Mary’s Sacred Waters!

Already last year, one brother who thought he had taken snapshots, casual pictures of the flowing water basins at the site of the Holy Waters, got the surprise of his life: the waters are permeated with Violet Flame. Please link to 'Morya's Garden' for a look at the text and pictures:  

It is thus evident that Mother Mary and Beloved Saint Germain are poised to receive the multitudes, to hold them, and hold us, in interwoven beams of purity and transmutation, healing and forgiveness. What is left for us to do is to call to them faithfully, relentlessly to make the Waters’ healing power manifest.

Guru Ma, purportedly, once said: “[At Conference time,] feed the four lower bodies of the people!” Etheric nourishment is thus dispensed through the fire of the Holy Spirit; certain key words and expressions are retained mentally; the solar plexus vows to follow the goodwill of the heart; and with body sustenance through our Cafeteria’s good chow, and the healing of one’s illnesses, the stalwart chela will be confirmed on the Path, newcomers will be won and secured and the teachings and the radiance of the Summit Lighthouse and of Church Universal and Triumphant will cover the earth. 



(1) Judaism which counts 1.5 million adepts worldwide; 2- Christianity with 2.2 billion adherents; 3- Islam that has 1.2 billion in surrender to Allah; 4- Hinduism with 750 million worshippers; 5-Buddhism that claims 20 million followers; 6-Taoism, and 7- Zoroastrianism with 20 million and 6 million members respectively. Taken from different Internet sites and Wikipedia.

(2) Wikipedia: Japanese history: Before the 19th century, Japan was an underdeveloped country that became a superpower in 20 years by adopting American standards.

(3) From KJV: Exodus 14 – Joshua 10: 12 -  1 Kings 8: 16 – 2 Kings 4: 8-37

(4) Pearls of Wisdom online. Please paste into your browser: pw84bk1int.html

or     From “Lord Maitreya The Coming Buddha Who Has Come,” a Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet: “Since Jesus Christ is the foremost sponsoring Ascended Master of all who follow the Christic and Buddhic paths, it is through his name I AM THAT I AM Jesus Christ that his disciples may also invoke the powerful intercession of Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara."

(5) Jones, Laurie Beth, Hyperion, NY, 1994


And this is the suggestion, Brothers and Sisters:

Why don't we form flexible groups according to time zones - which will make it easier to meet - to support the dispensations given by Lord Sanat Kumara, Mother Mary's intent for the Holy Waters to become healing waters, and the efforts of the Leadership Team! The Spiritual Director has sent a timely message, an excerpt from a dictation by Beloved Saint Germain on how to balance blue and violet flame in our decree sessions, and has mentioned that his Office could help with the matrix for our Services.

Copyright: Irlene Whiteman, June 2017.