The Ascended Masters 

The Ascended Masters  are beings like you and me who lived on earth. After many incarnations during which they showed devotion and extraordinary efforts, they have achieved a high degree of Self-realization and returned through the flame of the Ascension, to their divine source. They chose, however, to remain in the etheric plane - the inner spiritual plane of earth - in order to guide students walking the path of soul evolution and self-transcendence. 

The Masters are all part of the Great White Brotherhood, this group of highly evolved spiritual beings who dedicate themselves tirelessly to improve life on earth. The term "white" does not indicate the color of a race but rather the extraordinary concentration of bright white light emanating from the consciousness of these Masters, that surrounds them and extends far beyond their appearance. They come from "the great multitude from every nation, and people dressed in white robes" referred to in Chapter 7 of the Apocalypse, who stand before the throne of God. 

These saints of East and West include Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Jesus Christ, St. Michael the Archangel, Zarathustra, Moses, Mother Mary, Teresa of Avila, St. Germain, Padre Pio, El Morya, Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara, to name a few. And with them are countless legions of loving souls, dedicated to the welfare of humanity who have returned to their heavenly abode and are now part of the consciousness of the living God forever. 

Of what need to us are the Ascended Masters? 

When we want to integrate a new technology for example, we find an instructor experienced in the field, who can help us avoid pitfalls and develop mastery. It is the same with regard to the spiritual life: it has its challenges and requirements and there are proven techniques that can make for the most serene voyage. This is where the Masters come to our aid. 

Many people say they can very well grow on their own; the presence however, of a spiritual teacher with us is very important because our perception is not always accurate. We do not see our own weaknesses, or if we do see them, we do not know how to overcome them. These spiritual teachers inspire, encourage, guide us so that we become what we are destined to be.

The Ascended Masters are guides in the highest sense of the word. They are called Ascended because they have mastered the circumstances of life, overcome the human ego, accomplished their mission, graduated from the school of earth, and finally are Ascended Masters, that is, they have reached a level of consciousness where they could re-unite with God.

The Masters, or Chohans (or Lords) of the seven rays

They are on the seven rays of God's consciousness and each one reveals to us a path back to God, according to their personal gifts and the mastery of the divine flame through which they made their ascension in the Light. 

In the Presence of the beloved El Morya, Chief of the Darjeeling Council, founder of the Summit Lighthouse, Chohan of the first ray, we can feel the blue lightning of the Will of God. The extraordinary dedication of the master to the word and work of God is the powerful line one finds in all the incarnations of his soul on earth. 

Chohan of the second ray, Lord Lanto guides us up a path of wisdom, understanding, and divine illumination. With Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the third ray, we discover God's love, compassion, charity in action, the beauty of the soul and the love of the Holy Spirit. Under the direction of Serapis Bey, keeper of the flame of the ascension, of the fourth ray, we cultivate devotion to the white light of the purity of the Divine Mother and self-control in the four planes of matter. 

When studying with Master Hilarion, who was the apostle Paul, he puts us in touch with the emerald green ray of truth, healing and the desire to precipitate the abundance of God through the immaculate concept. The immaculate concept is the perfection of every soul as created by God at the beginning. The Lady Master Nada of the sixth ray, teaches the law of love in action in the service of God and humanity; it is on this ray of devotion to God and service to others that Jesus made his ascension in the Age of Pisces. 

And our beloved Saint Germain, hierarch of the Aquarian Age, the Lord of the seventh ray, introduces our souls to the science and ritual of alchemy and transmutation by the violet flame through the power of the Word, meditation and visualization.

The Masters of the seven rays show us that there is a path for each one of us. How do we find an Ascended Master who will become our teacher and with whom we consider working? We may wonder whether there is a Saint or Master with whom we feel particularly close, for, during our many incarnations we have developed mastery over one or even several rays and can identify with one or more of these masters. We are then on the right track. In this regard, the book Masters of the Seven Rays has helped many people to become familiar with the lives of these masters who remain close to the souls on earth, and who have volunteered as spiritual mentors to help us achieve self-mastery and bring down spirituality in our lives.

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